Jean Rhys

Goodnight Morning Midnight

Penguin Classics 2016

Originally published 1939

"..I am, like on of those straws which floats round the edge of a whirlpool and is gradually sucked into the centre, the dead centre, where everything is stagnant, everything is calm. "


Margaret Atwood

Stone Mattress

The New Yorker 2011


A.M Homes Reads Margaret Atwood

The New Yorker 2018


"Maybe tomorrow?” Bob grins, and shares the fact that he has a single cabin: “No. 222, like the painkiller,” he quips, and comfortably amidships. “Hardly any rock and roll at all,” he adds. Verna says that she, too, has a single: worth the extra expense, because that way you can really relax. She draws out “relax” until it sounds like a voluptuous writhe on satin sheets."



Lou Cantor

Prologue to Turning Inward

Sternberg Press 2015


"...our imagination now resembles the interfaces of the devices we use, and even the questions we ask ourselves seem to be Google-search friendly...Yet some things can't be processed with computers; absurdity, misreadings, mistakes - in such a context, human error might very well be our most valuable asset." - Lou Cantor




John K Shaw & Theo Reeves-Evison

Introduction to Fiction As Method

Sternberg Press 2018


"From this unreal centre, the machines can tag our photos to map our memories and images onto the material world, can align our satellites to coordinate and connect us across the planet. Whenever we perform one of these actions, we pass through this fiction." - John K Shaw & Theo Reeves-Evison




Can There Be Multiple Versions Of Me?

BBC Radio 3

March 2018


"You can get stuck at any time in life...some people  get stuck at parenthood, they take on the identity of mother or father so strongly that when their children leave home they can't really get over that and then get to the next stage of their life where another aspect of their life comes more to the fore." - Julian Baggini  




Martha Rosler

Why Are People Being So Nice?

E-Flux November 2016


"Dear," is "I hope this message finds you well," an intrusion into the personal that is both empty and confusing, and no more meaningful than an air kiss." - Martha Rosler




Wells Tower

 The Leopard 

The New Yorker

November 2008


David Sedaris Reads Wells Tower

New Yorker

Fiction Podcast 

January 2018


"Your hatred of your stepfather is all-consuming and unceasing, but this is only because your world is still small, and your stepfather assumes an outsized significance in the story of your life." - Wells Tower




Brian Eno

Ambient 1/Music For Airports

1978, Polydor Records

(48 mins 32 secs)


"For some reason I always take off my shoes and belt and empty my pockets before listening to this." - "zebra3stripes" YouTube Comment, 2017




Kristen Roupenian

Cat Person

The New Yorker

December 2017


"My parents are asking about u,” Margot texted, and Robert sent her back a smiley-face emoji whose eyes were hearts. When Margot returned to campus, she was eager to see Robert again, but he turned out to be surprisingly hard to pin down. “Sorry, busy week at work,” he replied. “I promise I will c u soon.” Margot didn’t like this; it felt as if the dynamic had shifted out of her favor, and when eventually he did ask her to go to a movie she agreed right away." - Kristen Roupenian




Ali Smith

I Heard It On Classic FN

The Financial Times

December 2017


"My mother sighed again. Her sighing made my chest hurt a bit. When I was a much younger person than I am now I used to think that it was possible to do something about the sadnesses in people’s lives. Now that I’m not so young anymore I’m not so sure it is. I look at my mother sometimes when she comes to stay and I think, well, sadness is just sadness. It is what it is. You have to just let sadness be." - Ali Smith




The pros and cons of Swearing

BBC Radio 3

November 2017


"Swearing at a mate and trusting them to be your mate after is one of the biggest forms of trust out there." - Dr. Emma Byrne  




Jan Verwoert

Exhaustion and Exuberance: Ways to Defy the Pressure to Perform

SHEFFIELD08, Yes, No & Other Options 2008 


"We live and work in economies based on the concept of "just-in-time" production -and "just in time" usually means things have to be ready in no time at all." - Jan Verwoert



The In Between

BBC Radio 3

January 2018


"Philosophers of geography and anthropology have introduced a distinction between mere space, which you can think of as GPS coordinates…in contrast with “place”, which is a GPS coordinate that has been deeply invested with meaning by humans; places that we really care about...the majority view is that train stations, bus depots, airports are not places, and in fact, there is something really bland and anonymous about them..." - Emily Thomas




The Working Class in Culture

BBC Radio 3

February 2018


"...After all, It’s easier to imagine the factory worker, or coal miner, [or domestic worker] as an icon, than the Deliveroo driver or the office cleaner." - Philip Dodd




Series of short documentaries about Stoke-On-Trent:

Made in Stoke-On-Trent

The Guardian

 January 2018



"I felt like a goldfish in a bowl and a bit patronised to be honest...In order to understand Stoke you have to get into it." - Danny Flynn